Barycz Valley

Dolina BaryczyDolina BaryczyDolina BaryczyDolina BaryczyDolina BaryczyDolina Baryczy

One of the most beautiful river basins in Poland, Barycz Valley offers wonderful landscapes and the opportunity to commune with nature without the noise and crowds of tourists. The river Barycz flows among fields, meadows and forests. The great fish ponds were built here few centuries ago. This unique mosaic of environments has become a mainstay for many species of plants and animals. The largest ornithological reserve Milicz Ponds is a real paradise for bird lovers and the perfect place for birdwatching. Local landscapes with its oak parkways, flowery meadows and water full of life encourage for nature friendly tourism.

The most interesting thing about the Barycz river is the phenomenon of bifurcation. The waters of the river in its initial run between Ostrow and Kotłów have no one direction and the streams depart simultaneously in two directions. While the western distributary flows around Odolanów and Milicz into the Oder (Proper Barycz), the eastern one flows into Ołobok and Prosny (Lazy Barycz).

Europe’s largest artificial complex of fish ponds – Milicz Ponds – attracts lot of bird watching lovers. However it is not a surprise. One could come across such a rare white-tailed eagle, which is the prototype of the Polish court of arms. Another impressive bird predator could be spotted at Milicz Ponds is marsh harrier. Apart from these, one can observe several species of herons, black storks, lapwings, corncrakes and beautifully feathered hoopoes.

Rich natural world is adjacent to the equally interesting, but little-known cultural monuments, as unique houses made of bog iron ore, timber-framed churches and historic, but still active weirs, which are traces of the former Inhabitants of these lands.

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