Owl Mountains

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The picturesque Owl Mountains, which belong to the Central Sudetes range, delight with extraordinary landscapes, seen from many vantage points. It is wonderful place for hiking and cycling, during wintertime the breathtaking views can be admired while cross-country skiing on numerous prepared trails.

Being in the Owl Mountains you should visit the viewing tower on the Great Owl, the highest peak, which reaches the height of 1,015 meters above sea level. The tower with a height of 25 meters is a kind of symbol of these mountains. Built in 1906, it was established in manifestation of the first German chancellor, Otto von Bismarck cult. Around 240 similar Bismarck towers were built across the world. The beautiful panoramic view of the Karkonosze Mountains and the Śnieżnik Mountains can be seen from the top of the Bismarck tower on Wielka Sowa. There are also other observation points that is worth to visit. For example, you can explore the tower of Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bielawa, the tower at Kalenica peak or Fortress in Srebrna Góra, which is also very original monument of military architecture.

The Owl Mountains attract many tourists also by the medieval castles and picturesque ruins. One of such castle is Grodno Castle near Zagórze Śląskie. It is renovated right now. By the way, being in Zagórze you should visit the spectacular dam on Bystrzyca River and the Lake Lubachowskie, created while building the dam. Other two places that look impressive are the castle in Owieśno and the ruins of Castle Rogowiec.

It is impossible not to mention the Underground City Osówka – shared to explore the largest portion of the underground corridors and halls located in the Owl Mountains. Osówka is an element of the project “Riese” implemented by the Nazis in 1943-1945. They say that the network of underground corridors were supposed to be Nazi weapons factory. Other sources suggest some of them to be headquarters of Hitler and command of German army. In Osówka you can watch the 1700 m of underground tunnels and two large ground-based constructions.

Another part of the project “Riese” is located in Walim and called Walim Adit (Sztolnie Walimskie). It is 500 m of corridors with impressive halls that hide the deepest darkness of World War II: it was build by prisoners from the camp in Gross Rosen, most of them died because of inhuman working conditions, diseases and hunger..

More information: www.gorysowie.org.

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