The Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills

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The Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills, known as the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, form a part of the Western Sudetes mountain range. First of all, it impresses by its nature and landscape. We guarantee that you will fall in love with green hills, fields and picturesque meadows growing on gentle slopes. Most of the hills of the region are former volcanoes; the highest one is Ostrzyca (501 m). Its distinctive silhouette, visible from many kilometers, reminds us the Japanese Mount Fuji. Other volcanic mountains are the Wilcza Mountain, Czartowska Rock or Grodziec. Another place that attracts special attention is Welisławskie Organ – the twenty meters tall, red rock wall of the pole structure resembling organ pipes.

The Land of Kaczawa, with valleys of two beautiful rivers – Kaczawa and Bóbr, famous for its unique flora, protected in several nature reserves. Specific climate allows for growth thermophilic species, and the most characteristic here is the huge variety of orchid plants, which is unique in the whole country.

While visiting The Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills it is worth to see at least one of the many landscape parks established in the area. We particularly recommend the Landscape Park Chełmy with many volcanic hills, the Rudawski Landscape Park and beautiful Bóbr valley.

It is great opportunity to see many great historic sites for those who love architecture. For example, you can visit the world famous wooden Church of Peace in Jawor, built entirely without nails and Romanesque-Gothic church of the Virgin Mary. Definitely, you will be impressed with awesome and well preserved defensive fortress Grodziec, the castle and a spectacular courtyard is perfect for exploration. Another remarkable monument of architecture is the ruins of the mighty castle in Bolków, its tower cross section has unusual teardrop shape. Every year, this place is home for numerous tournaments and international festival of gothic music. Anyway, the whole Kaczawa land is full of ruins of palaces, castles, towers and other buildings.

For those tourists who are looking for accommodation in this region we recommend many hotels in major cities – Złotoryja, Jawor or Lwówek Śląski. There are also a lot of guesthouses and tourist farms, but the most popular accommodations are in castles and palaces, for example, in the palace of Brunów.

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