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Regardless of whether you love to visit monuments, participate in cultural events, or simply stroll through the picturesque alleys enjoying the atmosphere of the city, Wrocław will impress you and remain in your memories for years to come. The capital of Lower Silesia, the Meeting Place, the European Capital of Culture 2016, and in the simplest terms, a wonderful city to live and relax.

Trough Wrocław, full of greenery, parks and squares, situated on dozens of islands, flows seven large rivers with the Oder as the biggest one and over twenty smaller streams and creeks. The Old Town is surrounded by the City Moat, and many channels help in water transport and regulation of water levels. This makes the bridges and footbridges a very distinctive part of the architecture of the city, which in total count to over one hundred thirty. The most beautiful ones, that are worthy to be seen even twice (by day and by night, when an incredible illumination adds a charm) are the Grunwaldzki, Zwierzyniecki and Tumski bridges as well as visible from miles modern Millennium and Rędziński bridges.

Architecturally in Wroclaw dominates impressive classicism and buildings in historic and eclectic styles from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Wroclaw Opera, Puppet Theatre, Old Stock Exchange building, Main Railway Station, water towers on the Na Grobli and Wiśniowa streets, whole quarters of houses), but virtually all architectural periods have a large representation. From the Romanesque in the form of the Church of St. Giles from the thirteenth century, through Gothic (City Hall, numerous churches, Municipal Arsenal), Renaissance and Mannerism (houses in the Market Square), Baroque (the main building of the University, the famous Aula Leopoldina, the building of Ossolineum with an amazing courtyard), Art Nouveau and Modernism (Centennial Hall with Pergola, department stores Renoma and Kameleon or the Olympic Stadium). Noteworthy are also above ground bunkers, built during the Third Reich, currently used as public buildings.

Those who want to feel the artistic climate, will love revitalized Nadodrze district. It’s made of few square kilometres of cobbled streets, nineteenth-century houses, galleries, craft workshops and countless pubs, bars and cafes – a favourite place of Wroclaw bohemian and alternative activists. Close to the Old Town is noteworthy Four Temples District, where within 300 meters are the Jewish synagogue, the Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church.

If you prefer to laze surrounded by greenery, have a picnic on the grass or play boule, forty-four parks are waiting for you, some wild like forests as East Park, other carefully tended, like South Park, or simply a vast and beautiful as Park Szczytnicki with the Japanese Garden.

Spend the evening at the Opera or the National Forum of Music, where most prominent musicians of the world concertize, or go to the Cinema New Horizons – the largest art house cinema in Europe. An unforgettable culmination of a day in Wroclaw would be also to watch light and sound spectacle, which in the summer are held by the fountain in the Pergola.

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