The Klodzko Land

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The Kłodzko Land is one of the most beautiful regions in Poland. Its central part, the Klodzko Valley is surrounded by several mountain ranges: the Bystrzyckie Mountains, the Table Mountains, the Bardo Mountains and the Śnieżnik Mountains. Amazing wildlife, fantastic conditions for tourism, with slopes for skiing, spa towns and wide range of accommodation objects make this region very attractive.

It is a region rich in tourist attractions, covered with a dense network of well-marked hiking trails – the perfect destination for hikers, skiers, cavers, horse riding and mountain bike lovers.

There are several places of high natural value and you should visit all of them. The summit of Black Mountain height of 1205 m above the sea level visible from almost all over the Kłodzko Land; Bear Cave in Kletno – one of the most beautiful caves in Poland; Preserve Errand Rocks is a group of strange rock formations with a height of six to eleven meters produced as a result of weathering sandstone. Errand Rocks is a maze of slots and alleys forming tourist route of hundreds meters with unique charm; Szczeliniec Wielki – the highest peak of the Table Mountains, which measures 919 m with its great viewpoint. The flat top of Szczeliniec Wielki is a huge labyrinth formed naturally from originally formed rock forms.

The Kłodzko Land has also a fantastic heritage of property. The most original buildings are spectacular fortresses in Kłodzko and Srebrna Góra. It is impossible not to mention the mines and undergrounds, for example, uranium mine in Kletno, gold mine in Złoty Stok or underground tourist route in Kłodzko. We should also remember about spa towns such as Duszniki-Zdrój, Długopole-Zdrój, Lądek-Zdrój and Kudowa-Zdrój.

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